Tuesday, April 29, 2014

photo essay

narrative Dominique Mosby March 25, 2014 Narrative Visual vs. Kinesthetic in Basketball In this photo essay, I have taken different photo to try to show the difference between visual in kinesthetic. Watching and actually doing are two different things. In my essay, my point is that kinesthetic is better than watching. I used pictures from me actually playing and watching the game on television. I have a picture with me holding a basketball on the first picture slide. I added it because it is a game I love and it pertains to my project. During the essay, I showed different tasks having to do with basketball. The tasks such dribbling, shooting, and passing are shown. My question in my essay, which is better visual or kinesthetic, my position is kinesthetic. I think kinesthetic is better because I learned how to play by actually getting on the court. I have never watched instructional videos or basketball games and modeled my game after them. I just learned by playing a lot and hopefully my photo essay shows the difference.

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